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Guangdong Head-Power Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

Water-Cooled Packaged Unit 20TON For Supermarket

Air Treatment Appliances
Water-Cooled Packaged Unit 20TON For Supermarket


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Air Treatment Appliances  -  Air Water Chiller

Offer Post Time: 2018-07-09

Serial Code: HWL

Model: HWL280-82KW



Package: Plastic film + pearl cotton + wooden box

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Set

Price: 10000.00 USD


1. Independent refrigerating system
Each compressor has a separate refrigerant loop, high reliability and energy saving.

2. Flexible scroll compressor

  World famous brand scroll compressor with high quality and efficiency.

3. High-efficiency heat exchanger
Copper tube with high efficiency aluminum fin type evaporator, with strong dehumidity capacity. Besides,shell and tube condenser, compared to double pipes type,it has a higher heat transfer coefficient, more convenient for maintenance.

4. Quiet and efficient
  Low noise design of the double inlet centrifugal fan. With a special designed shock absorbers, it runs more smoothly and with low noise

5. Intelligent control

  Microcomputer control system, easy operating screen, control temperature automatically, trouble self checking.